We work hard so you can rest easy

Protect what matters most

Vinyl siding's durable design provides lasting beauty and comprehensive protection you can trust for the life of your home.

We’re obsessed with what you don’t see.

When we do our job right, you won’t see it. You won’t see aging or fading. You won’t see damage from wind or moisture. And you won’t see the need to repaint or re-caulk anything. At Ply Gem, we’ve spent decades perfecting the science behind our siding, so you can enjoy it for years to come—without giving it a second thought.

Resilient by design

True strength is a blend of rigidity and flexibility

Advanced polymer construction means Mastic Performance Vinyl Siding products have just enough “give,” unlike fiber cement and other hard, brittle cladding materials that can chip and crack.

  • Engineered with lay-flat design features to remain straight and true
  • Advanced polymers naturally expand and contract with the seasons
  • Adds strength, not just weight
  • Flexes to ease installation in tight spots for a snug, secure fit

Tough against wind and water

Your siding should protect your home with a snug, secure fit

Mastic Performance Vinyl Siding panels form an overlapping barrier of continuous protection against wind, water and weather.

  • Locked in place, top and bottom, to hold strong against wind
  • Engineered from an advanced polymer that can’t absorb water
  • Overlapping panels mean no gaps to come loose, no cracks to caulk
  • Tornado-tough nail hem
  • Metro-Dade County approved products
  • Wind-speed ratings up to 240 mph

Stay-true color to the core

When you find a color you love, you want it to last

We protect your investment with proprietary technology that adds extra UV protection to our deepest, most vivid colors. Unlike engineered wood and other surface-finished materials, Mastic siding has color-to-the-core construction that won’t wear off.

  • Duranyl 5000® protection system for lasting beauty
  • Vibrant color is actually in the siding, not on it
  • Color won’t chip, peel or wear off, so it never needs painting
  • Cleans easily with soap and water

Performance you can believe in

We test it so you can trust it

Meticulously engineered, rigorously tested and third-party certified. Every Mastic siding product is manufactured to the highest standards.

  • Gloss test – Digitally tested to ensure a consistent quality finish
  • Color read test – Computer analyzed for color consistency and match
  • Oil can test – Siding won’t warp or buckle, even when exposed to 120°–140°F heat
  • Vertical height impact test – Measures durability and ability to resist impact forces
  • Weathering – Proven to perform under extreme weather conditions and accelerated UV exposure

Relax, it’s covered

VIP Limited Lifetime Warranty

You want complete coverage, no matter what products you choose. So we back every line of Mastic siding with the same premium guarantee of lasting quality and peace of mind. See our warranty for all the details.