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Turning an Eyesore into the Neighborhood Gem

Living in a friendly Blue Springs, MO neighborhood across the street from school and church, Rusty and Melinda Kurtz loved their home and the memories it holds. The couple had no desire to move, but in order to stay, were in desperate need of a remodel. See how this outdated, high-maintenance exterior was made over from top to bottom, turning the neighborhood eyesore into the talk of the town.

Design Process
Dedicated to their country, their family and their home of 17 years, Rusty and Melinda Kurtz of Blue Springs, MO had no desire to move out of their beloved neighborhood. They also had no desire to continue keeping up with the sky-high energy bills and maintenance of rotting wood siding, windows, garage doors, entry doors and deck.

With 34 years of service as a veteran of the U.S. Army and Airforce, Rusty became injured on his last tour to Iraq. Melinda is also disabled, leaving the couple unable to give their home the care and attention needed to keep it safe and comfortable for the two young nieces they are raising.

A Collaborative Family Design
To upgrade the look and minimize the maintenance level, the Kurtz’s decided it was time for a much-needed remodel. In just three weeks, with the help of Ply Gem and local contractor Tice Exteriors, their home would be transformed from the neighborhood eyesore into a fresh and modern design.

When coming up with design options, Rusty and Melinda made it a family effort, welcoming everyone’s input on features and needs. To enhance the horizontal lines of their original one-story ranch, which will suit Rusty and Melinda well into retirement, the family decided on a "Prairie" style approach.

The Kurtz’s first explored colors and textures for their new siding, stone, windows and doors on Ply Gem's Home Exterior Visualizer tool. Through the tool, they were able to upload a photo of their home to discover the various options available and see a realistic visual of how certain combinations would look on the remodeled exterior. This aided the design process, making it easy for the family to better understand their likes and dislikes before committing to the final products.

The people at Ply Gem were fantastic to work with. They gave us advice on what would look good, with options that we didn’t even know existed. Melinda Kurtz

Staying True to Midwestern Architecture
Once they determined their favorite options, Ply Gem helped the Kurtz family narrow down selections that would stay true to the historical Prairie-style architecture.

The Prairie is one of the few indigenous American design styles, born from a group of Chicago architects, most notably Frank Lloyd Wright. Perfect for this Midwestern setting, the Prairie is characterized by strong horizontal lines that evoke the flat landscape it’s named after.

A defining feature of this home is the Mastic by Ply Gem Carvedwood siding. This traditional vinyl lap siding in a narrower three-inch profile is a popular product for the restoration of older homes. With the look of real wood, it’s reminiscent of the Kurtz’s original cedar siding, minus the need for painting and staining, or the challenges of breakage and air leakage.

A New Forever Home
The Prairie look was completed in a hipped low-pitched roof, wide overhanging eaves and square Ply Gem Stone porch supports. Rows of energy-efficient aluminum clad wood Ply Gem Windows with a simple, Prairie-style grille pattern and contrasting trimwork rounded out the exterior. The combination of warm, clean colors and textures fits right at home in the neighborhood.

With lower energy bills, virtually zero maintenance, and curb appeal that’s the envy of the neighborhood, the Kurtz family is now able to enjoy the home they’ve always loved for many years to come.

The homeowners wanted energy-efficient, low-maintenance siding that would complement the horizontal lines of their one-story ranch Prairie architectural style.

Carvedwood Triple 3” Lap Siding

  • Wind Speed – rated up to 200 mph
  • V.I.P. Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Sustainable – crafted of readily available natural materials; recyclable
  • No Paint, No Hassles – no need for paint or stain, meaning less maintenance for the homeowner and no harmful VOCs released into the environment
  • Duranyl 5000 ® Protection System – protects the deepest, most vivid colors against harsh elements and maximizes long-term durability
  • Tornado-Tough Double Thick Nail Hem
  • Patented T-2-Lok™ Locking System for secure installation and durability

“We decided to remodel our house instead of moving because we wanted to stay right here. Right across the street is our church and our girls’ school, but more importantly, this house holds our favorite memories as a family.” – Rusty Kurtz

“The renovation of this house makes me so proud. It has changed our whole outlook on life.” – Rusty Kurtz

“People now drive by our house and stop to tell us how pretty it is.” – Melinda Kurtz

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